Competition Tan FAQ's

Q: I am in Bodybuilding or Classic Physique what do I wear during my tan?
A. Bodybuilding and Classic Physique clients can bring a sock to wear or can purchase a disposable garment to wear at the event

Q: How do I prep my skin for my tan?
A: Starting 2 weeks before your show, you want to exfoliate really well in all of your showers. Use a loofa or even exfoliating gloves and really scrub your skin to get all dry skin and lotion residue off. You also want to use a PH balancing scrub. If your PH is off, it could affect the color of your tan. Jan Tana makes a PH balancing soap and lotion you can use prior to your show. If you're going to get one, go for the soap. It's more important than the lotion. Another good alternative is baking soda. That is a really good PH neutralizer and it's gritty so it will help with the exfoliating.

Q: When do I shave/wax before my tan?

A: If you're going to wax you want to do it at least 4 days before your show to insure that your skin is no longer red or irritated after the waxing. If you're going to shave then you want to do it in your last shower on Friday before you get your first coat of tan. After we spray you on Friday night you CANNOT GET WET AT ALL until the show is completely over, both the morning show and night show. If you shower, we will recharge you for another full body spray tan. It's also important to not spill water on yourself or get sweaty after we spray you.

Q: Do I have to bring my own sheets to the hotel?
A: YES! You want to bring your own sheets to the hotel because this tan WILL stain and the hotel WILL charge you for ruining their sheets.

Q: What do I wear after my spray tan?
A: Anything loose. It is important to wear loose clothing after your tan because anything tight will leave a print in your skin. No bras, jeans, socks, or leggings. Compression marks will stick to your tan. It is also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that when you go to sleep on Friday night you cover up so there is no skin to skin contact. You do not want the palms of your hands or the bottoms of your feet touching your body after we spray you. Even though your tan will be dry, the palms of your hands and bottoms of feet can absorb the color off of your body and you will have large handprints or footprints in your tan. Since you can't control what you do during your sleep, it is best to wear a loose long sleeve shirt and loose sweatpants to insure you do not touch your tan in your sleep.

Q: When do I take my last shower before my tan?
A: You want to take your last shower on Friday as close to your tan time as possible since it is your last shower until the show is completely over. In your last shower it is extremely important to exfoliate really well. You want to get all dry skin and any lotion or soap residue off. Once you get out of the shower DO NOT PUT ANY lotion, deodorant, or perfume on your skin. These could affect the color and absorption of your tan and possibly turn you green. Deodorant has a tendency to make the tan go green. It's okay, EVERYONE will smell. That's a part of show day. It's more important that you have a killer tan and smell a little funky than smell good and have a green tan.


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